Business Sponsor Program

Sponsors support Together Center’s mission. Business Sponsors are critical partners, enabling the Center to increase access to human services, so people can find help when they need it.

Sponsor Publicity:

  • We share a poster of our sponsors names and logos at our events. All are welcome to share brochures at these events.
  • We add your name to a sponsor poster in our lobby. (The lobby is visited by the leaders, staff, volunteers and clients of 22 human service agencies on campus and many other leaders visiting our unusual one-stop facility.)
  • We add your name to a box on our web page home page that rotates the logos of the year’s sponsors.
  • We list donors and sponsor logos in our newsletter.
  • We note sponsor gifts and logos on Facebook and Twitter posts.
  • We send press releases updating the community on our programs and sponsors.

See a sample of the benefits.