Together Center celebrates 20 years, 20 accomplishments

Together Center celebrates its 20th anniversary on September 24 from 3 pm to 6 pm.   Some of the accomplishments over the last two decades include the following.  Together Center…

  1. Launched an innovative organization. (1990)  One of the first multi-tenant nonprofit centers in the nation, the Center launched to increase access to human services.
  2. Purchased a central site for a one-stop campus. (1991)  Last year, 67,000 people tapped services at 18 on-campus agencies and other Together Center programs.
  3. Came together to solve problems. (1993)  Our Together Center Association meets monthly.
  4. Built-out to further increase agency services. (1994) From 6 agencies, 18 now are joined.
  5. Repaid four founding agencies. (1995) A leap of faith by founders was repaid in full.
  6. Saved agencies hundreds of thousands of dollars. (1990 – present).  Just last year, agencies saved over $218,000 in lease rates alone.
  7. Accomplished what the big guys do. (1997)  According to the Washington Health Care Facilities Authority, the Center garnered the tax-free bond benefits of much larger organizations.
  8. Created the Eastside Volunteer Fair. (1998)  50 agencies participate yearly.
  9. Became 100% nonprofit. (1998)  The Center grew up to use all its space for the mission.
  10. Provided major training programs to build agency capacities. (1999 – present)
  11. Increased access to services by providing free public phones. (1999 – present)
  12. Leveraged its property to further lower lease rates. (2002 – 2004)  An unusual debt reduction capital campaign coupled with a unique amortization schedule made this so.
  13. Partnered to launch the Eastside Cultural Navigator Program. (2007) 
  14. Reconfigured and renovated to meet growing needs. (2007) New lobby supports were added for the homeless, domestic violence survivors, immigrants and refugees and others.
  15. Worked to meet gaps in services for the homeless. (2009) A homeless advocate was added.
  16. Grew greener and updated the campus for the next 20 years. (2007 – 2009)  In addition to a new roof, modern interior lighting and modern HVAC units were added, saving energy.
  17. Increased access to services by all (2009) The Center expanded its focus to meet gaps in services.
  18. Partnered to improve navigation tools for campus visitors (2009)
  19. Worked to expand the reach and benefits of the model. (2009)  The Center is partnering with the City of Issaquah on a feasibility study for a human services campus for greater Issaquah.
  20. Added more lobby staff to navigate assistance at the State and local level. (2010)