Together Center: 20 years, 20 Top Services

Together Center celebrates its 20th anniversary on September 24 from 3 pm to 6 pm. A one-stop campus with a hundred ways to find help, here are 20 types of services found at Together Center.

  1. Emergency food and food bank services
  2. Medical care, including naturopathic and pharmacy services
  3. Individual and family mental health services
  4. Outreach, case management and emergency/residential/foster housing help for homeless teenagers
  5. Help to find permanent and affordable housing solutions
  6. Information, support and case management for people with disabilities
  7. Training and support for child care providers and information for all to locate child care
  8. Dental care services
  9. Support services for people with learning disabilities
  10. Support groups for those with mental health disabilities and their families
  11. Culturally competent information and support for those speaking Spanish, Chinese and languages of India.
  12. Individual and family counseling for children, teens and their families
  13. One-on-one advocacy for homeless adults
  14. Mentors and other supports for teen parents
  15. Utility assistance and other one-time financial support
  16. Dating violence prevention, anger management, and other special services for teens
  17. Transitional housing programs (18 months of housing coupled with support services)
  18. Advocacy and support for accessing state and other services
  19. Classes for staff, volunteers and the community
  20. Information, referral and front-line help to navigate health, housing and human services