In Healthcare: It’s Personal

Pam Mauk, Ross Hunter, Cyrus Habib and Tom Trompeter

Pam Mauk, Ross Hunter, Cyrus Habib and Tom Trompeter

Things get personal very quickly in health and human services.

Together Center agencies were invited to celebrate National Health Center Week by HealthPoint’s CEO Tom Trompeter.  We were joined by State Representatives Ross Hunter and Cyrus Habib at the medical clinic.

“When I was being treated at Fred Hutchinson, I saw someone pick up a prescription. He was told the cost was $700,” Rep. Hunter said.  “Clearly the man had no idea where he would get the $700, but if you are being treated at Fred Hutchinson you know if you do not pay the cost, you will die.”

Both Reps. Hunter and Habib have been impacted by cancer, and both noted they have enjoyed the benefits of a good insurance program.

Not all do, and the impacts can be devastating.  Over 50% of bankruptcies nationwide are attributed to the impact of healthcare costs, Tom Trompeter said.  He noted:  we are each of us probably three degrees of separation from someone who has been impacted in this fashion by medical costs.  (For each of us:  it’s personal.)

With the changing healthcare rules, more people will be covered by insurance.  In order to meet growing needs, HealthPoint is adding 8 exam rooms at Together Center and two additional dental chairs.

Rep. Habib noted something else important:   healthcare services are integrated with other services on Together Center’s campus.   “We are probably 20 years ahead in Redmond.  Healthcare doesn’t happen in a vacuum.  People may not have someone noticing they need treatment if they don’t have a home. They won’t stay healthy without appropriate nutrition.  These things all relate.  At Together Center, the services are all here.”