Big Results in 180 seconds!


Big results in 180 seconds? Okay. We are playing with words, but we are talking big results none the less.

Yearly at Together Center’s Annual Meeting, I have reminded the Board of Directors what we have achieved together in 90 seconds (in a bit of a silly race the clock) or in a sedate 180 seconds.  Why so short?  After a year of marking challenges and celebrating results, the Board has a very good idea of our organizational ups and downs.  This review is simply a bit of confetti-tossing.

What happened in 2014? Here’s just a sampler:

  • HealthPoint completed its $1.5 million expansion of their on-campus medical and dental clinics, in partnership with Together Center, greatly enhancing access to healthcare services regionally.
  • We served 10,000 more people than in the previous years, thanks in part to a recovery from transition and the recession. 95% of the campus is now leased to support the medical, dental, mental health, housing, shelter, child care, disability and other needs in the community.
  • The Center opened a new community room (with HealthPoint’s partnership) with space for significant training for campus staff and the community. Secondary Trauma (compassion fatigue) was an immediate training success.
  • AtWork! and Together Center agreed to share city-owned property to meet mutual goals, and the City of Issaquah extended its $1,000,000 earmark to create a human service campus to serve the Issaquah area.
  • We are growing funds to keep costs low for agencies, as we do more. We exceeded our fundraising goal and increased donated funds in 2014 by 54%!
  • We’ve made plans for our 25th anniversary celebration on March 25, our inaugural fundraising breakfast.  Celebrate with us by registering at