Supporting Each Other

kathy-lambert-renee-zimmerman-and-lauren-thomasVery possibly you go to a lot of fundraising breakfasts and lunches.

You know who else goes to a lot of fundraisers?  Nonprofit staff.  We believe in each others’ causes, and we show up with our credit cards to support each other’s work knowing how important it is.

We meet together in a variety of alliances as well, and the topic is often NOT our own programs.  Together Center is the fiscal sponsor of Alliance of Eastside Agencies ( and I sit on the Working Group of the Eastside Human Services Forum and its marketing committee (, among other groups.  At each, I see housing experts working on veteran’s funding and disability experts weighing in on senior supports or early childhood education.

It takes a system of community support for all of our programs to work well, or else as we help in one area, people lose ground in another.  A full complement of services is essential to meet even one person’s or family’s needs, not to mention a community’s. Together Center was formed on this principal, and we are grateful for our many partners.

  • Pictured are King County Council Member Kathy Lambert, Eastside Baby Corner Executive Director Renee Zimmerman and Hopelink CEO Lauren Thomas at Together Center’s breakfast earlier this year. Our 2017 Together Strong breakfast is set for March 24 at 7:30 a.m., and we hope you will join us.