Is Together Center a nonprofit organization?
Together Center is a nonprofit corporation with a 501(c)3 tax status. The Center is registered as a Trust, a charitable organization and a nonprofit corporation with the Secretary of State of Washington State.

Is Together Center the same as Hopelink?
No. Hopelink, one of our four founding agencies in 1990, is now located off-campus.  You can reach Hopelink at 425-869-6000.

Is the Together Center the best place to ask questions about services in the area?
Yes. Together Center has a wealth of services on site, and staff can assist you in the A building lobby.  In addition to discussing questions with agency staff members, we recommend visitors call “211” or meet with information and referral specialists of Public Health Access and Outreach on the 2nd and fourth Wednesdays of the month between 10 am and 2 pm. See Referral Resources on this web page.

What are the hours of the Center?
Each agency sets its own hours. Refer to the Agencies listing for more information. The Campus Administration offices are generally open 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. Due to limited staff, the doors may be closed.

Is the Center near bus transportation?
The Redmond Park & Ride is located at 161st and 83rd, two blocks south of and one half block west of the Center (visit our contact page for a map)

Do agencies pay less to lease at the Center?
One of the goals of the Center is to provide a low-cost home for nonprofits, so that services available to the community are based on community need and not on the ability of agencies to pay the current market rates for leases. The Center thus keeps lease rates as low as is possible to meet mortgage debt payments, building operating costs and administrative costs to meet the mission.

Overall the lease rate savings are 20% – 40% lower than the market rate for comparable spaces. Numbers of amenities which would cost extra on the open market are included for free, such as conference room space.

Can anyone rent Together Center conference rooms?
Conference rooms are leased to off-campus organizations at times which do not conflict with campus usage.  Primarily these are offered to nonprofit organizations. Call the administration office at (425) 869-6699 for information on availability and rates.